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Help us tackle internet abuse

We strive every day to combat the abuse of the Internet and information technology that causes any kind of harm to users. Thanks to your report we could promptly counteract any abuses and possibly inform the authorities.

Our email contact Abuse is abuse (at) managedserver.it ma we recommend that you fill out the form below to send us the report, providing the requested information, to ensure that we receive what is necessary to allow us to handle the request consistently.


What to include in the abuse report?

In order to guarantee the best service, a report of abuse must necessarily be accompanied by:

  1. Identity of the complainant or declarant and email address
  2. Description of what happened
  3. Logs or evidence that indisputably demonstrates the abuse
  4. In case of infringement of the DMCA or copyright, legal documentation that proves the rights to operate to protect the brand.

The description must be faithful to the events that occurred and as detailed as possible, specifying in the absence of logs or elements of high evidential value the time, date and type of violation.

If the information is considered missing and / or partially missing you will be invited by our abuse support to integrate what is requested in order to proceed with a preliminary assessment.

If the information is screened and deemed to be missing and / or not constituting abuse, you will be informed of the reasons for the refusal, vice versa you will be informed of the actions taken to resolve the reported problem.

Remember that if there is an imminent danger to your safety or physical safety, yourself or others, we invite you to promptly contact the competent authorities and point out the imminent threat.

In no way can our company or the Abuse department take the place of the police / judicial authority / judiciary.



Example of abuse

  • Inappropriate content
    Questionable pharmaceutical content, sensitive personal data.
  • Cybercrime
    Use of information technology for criminal activities.
  • Cyber ​​bullying
    Use of information technology to send unwanted advertising.
  • Spam
    Use of information technology to send unwanted advertising.
  • Malware
    Use of software designed to harm users' computers.
  • Phishing
    Scams implemented through the web in order to obtain illegal profits - or sensitive personal data - to the detriment of users.

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