August 22 2022

Price adjustment 2022/2023

The energy crisis now underway since January 2022 requires us to adjust the tariffs as well as for the other operators in the market.

We already had anticipated in January 2002 as the energy costs of the datacenters they had already been putting the datacenter sector in serious difficulty for months and consequently that of hosting.

We had written and announced that until April 2022 we would have broad enough shoulders to absorb the increase at our expense and that we would avoid charging our customers for it. we did more, holding on until September 2022, among a thousand ups and downs and courageous choices that have always distinguished us.

However, our chances are coming to an end, with a further rise in energy prices in sight which has affected all European countries and beyond. Energy prices from suppliers have increased dramatically since the end of last year. This phenomenon has affected people and industries all over the world. And because prices are unlikely to drop or stabilize in the foreseeable future, we are forced to raise the prices of many of our products by around 10%.

Average monthly wholesale electricity prices in some European Union (EU) countries from January 2020 to June 2022
Average monthly wholesale electricity prices in some European Union (EU) countries from January 2020 to June 2022

Which products are affected?

A large number of our products in all locations and in all datacenters where we operate.

Considering that the component of electricity is the basis of the power supply of the servers that provide both services Dedicated Servers that Hosting services, probably all Hosting services are directly involved.

Products that do not use electricity directly are not affected: IP, domains, SSL certificates, racks, installation costs and a few other examples.

When do the new prices apply?

All affected products that customers order starting from 1 September 2022 will have the new prices.

For existing products (those that customers ordered and that we brought online before September 1, 2022), prices will remain the same until December 31, 2022. Prices for existing products will change starting January 1, 2023. This way, our existing customers will change to benefit from having the lowest prices for an additional four months.

Where do I see the new prices?

Starting September 1, 2022, you will be able to see the new prices for new orders on our website. For existing products affected by the change, we will send customers an email with very detailed information, and the new prices in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Forecasts for the near future.

Without launching unnecessary alarmism, but referring to the graph above, which indicates an average increase of 500% for energy costs throughout the eurozone, it is undisputed not to expect rosy conditions for the near future, that is, for the two-year period 2023/2024.

To date, among the increase in energy costs that has participated in an inflation of at least 10% on the markets and on people's lives, the lists of suppliers of hardware components such as CPU, RAM, electronic components and entire servers are not yet clear. For the two-year period 2023 and 2024, avoiding a worsening of the war and any repercussions on the energy component, a further increase is certainly expected for the entire sector.

I disagree that my products get more expensive. What can I do?

We believe that our products continue to offer you an absolutely advantageous and competitive offer in terms of price-performance ratio. However, if you choose to terminate your contract, you can cancel and / or delete the products using our customer administration interfaces and within the normal cancellation period. This will allow you to stop using the affected products before the new prices take effect. Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue offering our services under the old conditions and considering how other players on the market are moving, we are sure that the choice to increase the price of services is inevitable.

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