December 22 2022

Important updates on the prices of our services

Communication of price adjustments for Hosting and Dedicated Server services for the 2023 calendar year.

Dear Customers,

We are deeply grateful for your continued confidence in our services. Transparency towards our customers has always been one of our main priorities, and with this in mind, we would like to inform you of an imminent change in the prices of our services.

We had already mentioned it previously in January 2022 with a crisis in sight which has apprehended the entire IT supply chain, and reaffirmed the concern again in view of the crisis in the sector a few months ago: How the European energy crisis could impact the IT sector

As many of you already know, the world is facing a number of economic challenges. The period of crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a series of economic complexities, which have been further exacerbated by the recent war and diplomatic crisis with Russia, which have had a serious impact on energy costs and the supply of hardware components, as well as a global rise in the costs of services and raw materials.

These events have had a direct and indirect impact on numerous sectors, including ours.

One of the most significant effects we have seen is the increase in the cost of electricity and data center services. These increased costs inevitably affect the price of the services we are able to offer.

Therefore, with great regret, we are forced to update the prices of our services which were in effect since 2018.

This step is necessary to continue guaranteeing the quality of service and reliability that you have always appreciated. The new prices from January 2023 will be as follows:

  • Shared hosting: €27 per month + VAT
  • Managed dedicated server: starting from 127 per month + VAT

We want to assure you that this price increase will be implemented with the utmost care and sensitivity, as indicated in the email communications sent to you. Additionally, we want to emphasize that these changes will not affect existing services until their next renewal for customers on a current quarterly/six-monthly/yearly contract.

Despite the need to adjust our prices, we want to reassure our customers that Managed Server Srl remains committed to maintaining competitiveness in the market. We have carefully weighed the new prices with the aim of remaining the cheapest compared to the alternatives proposed by our online competitors. Considering the current economic situation, we expect a price adjustment from the whole supply chain, including our competitors. This means that, despite facing similar challenges, we continue to offer the best quality of services at the most competitive price possible.

We understand that this news may cause you inconvenience and are here to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Finally, we would like to express our deep gratitude for your understanding and loyalty to us during this time of change.


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