February 16 2019

Even Fatto in Casa da Benedetta chooses Managed Server for high performance hosting.

Surely you will already know it, you will have seen it on the internet in the preparation of some cake or some grandmother's remedy, or on TV directly on Sky to propose some famous menus to brighten your culinary inspirations or simply prepare some creative recipes.

We are talking about Homemade by Benedetta, website, online cookbook as well as Youtube and television format of a certain caliber.

Our task was to improve and optimize something that was already good enough, however, by implementing some improvements on the technical side.

Starting from the correct format of the MySQL tables converted from the less performing ones MyISAM to InnoDB (in the graph below you can see the performance increased by about 500%) to a correct management of the indexes and options of the WordPress tables to the implementation of a high performance stack that involves NGINX, REDIS, Memcached and Varnish.

Correct configuration of cache purging and refreshing policies as well as the future management of AMP pages, as well as lossless image optimizations, accompanied by 24-hour assistance, triple daily incremental hot backup with 90 days of data retention it has certainly given something more both in terms of guarantees and speed to a project that certainly does not leave (and must not leave) room for carelessness.

In fact, the project boasts of about 3 million hits per month with user peaks of thousands of connected users per second, which caused some availability problems and too many crashes before the transition to our management.

The cache first handled by a WordPress Plugin WP SuperCache has been completely replaced from a "sandwich" stack Nginx / Varnish / Memcached driven by W3 Total Cache with PHP 7.2 backend in Fast Process Manager mode with the enablement of Zend OpCache to further improve performance.

A correct mounting of the partitions (which most of the hosters currently do not do) as well as an effective tuning of Percona Server allowed us to significantly lower the load at the Database level.

A real-time monitoring of the availability of the site, as well as constant proactive control with Zabbix allows us to have all vital parameters and loads under control in convenient and practical graphics that allow us to understand the status of the systems and to be notified in real time of any problems with load or service availability.

In short, regardless of whether you are an IT expert, technology expert, webmaster, or cooking expert, today we will have the certainty that if you want to look for a recipe, the site will be performing and accessible, to the delight of search engines but above all that of you users. .

The practical demonstration of how once again our experiences regarding High performance WordPress hosting it is appreciated and chosen by publishing projects that are certainly noteworthy and successful.

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