June 21 2022

Cloud Flare Down

CloudFlare has been down since 8:30 this morning.

Cloud Flare Down

A Cloudflare outage affected several popular services including Discord, Omegle, DoorDash, Crunchyroll, and Feedly. Other popular services that have confirmed that they are interested include Zerodha, Medium.com, news outlet Register, Groww, Buffer, iSpirt, Upstox, and Social Blade. The Internet infrastructure company has established which is investigating the "widespread" issue.

"Users may experience errors or timeouts in reaching Cloudflare's network or services“Said the company, which also experienced an outage in parts of the world last week. Cloudflare CTO John Graham-Cumming said in a Hacker News thread that this is not a worldwide outage, but that "many places" are interested. “Problems with our backbone. We know what. Rollback etc. are happening, ”he ha ditto .

Cloudflare internal server error

Users have indicated that Coinbase, Shopify, and League of Legends are also facing problems, according to DownDetector, a crowdsourced web monitoring tool that tracks outages.

What is CloudFlare?

Cloudflare is an American company that provides services such as a DNS, content distribution network (CDN), and many other additional services to make websites faster and more secure.

Cloudflare is used by over 26 million sites, resulting in more than 1 billion IP addresses being processed every day.

Company Cloudflare was founded in 2009 by Matthew Price, Lee Holloway and Michelle Zatlyn. Their goal is to help build a better Internet. To make this happen, they have launched multiple free and paid services. It is clear that they are doing something good if we look at the results for 2019. In 2019 Cloudflare has turnover beyond 287 million dollars (!).

There are many services offered by Cloudflare, including the following:

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Load balance
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Possibility of caching
  • Video streaming
  • DDoS protection
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • SSL / TLS support
  • Analytics
  • Domain registrar
  • Workers (for developers)

In addition to their services, Cloudflare has standard integration with well-known platforms such as IBM Cloud, WordPress, Google Cloud, Magento, and Kubernates.

CloudFlare Down Resolution Times

The technicians are aware of the problem and are working to bring the correct functioning of the entire structure online and make the sites reachable as reported by Cloudflastatus.com

CloudFlare Status


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