MANAGED SERVER SRL is an Italian company, born in 2022, from the acquisition of LEAD MAGNET SRL, present on the market since 2018 with the brand, which has focused on providing high-performance hosting and systems assistance and consultancy on Linux systems.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a quality service, offering high-performance and reliable tailor-made system solutions. We are focused on Web Performance and i Core Web Vitals, mainly addressing companies with a strong presence on the web such as publishing or e-commerce companies, always looking for new technologies and methods to improve the quality of our services and offer innovative solutions to our customers.

The range of services includes the provision of high performance hosting, assistance and system consultancy on Linux systems, research and development in the field of Web Performance and process optimization. Furthermore, we also offer outsourcing and whitelabel support activities for all IT companies that need solid skills in systems engineering.

Our team of experts is highly qualified and has a long experience in managing and optimizing Linux systems, and especially systems focused on Web Performance. We are able to offer customized solutions to meet the needs of our customers, regardless of their size and industry.

We are proud to be considered a reliable partner for companies that want to optimize their IT infrastructures and we are always looking for new opportunities to expand our service offering and meet the needs of our customers.

The stages of our history

January 2005 Foundation – IT Solutions

After university career, a sole proprietorship is founded that operates locally in the Marche region for website development services, graphics, marketing and low cost generic LAMP Hosting services in collaboration with course colleagues and local collaborators.

January 2005

January, 2014

Specialized in Hosting Performance

After realizing the growing demand for high-performance Hosting solutions, the graphic / web development / graphics and photography department is outsourced to companies and external collaborators, and we focus exclusively on creating a high-performance Enterprise Hosting service.

January, 2014

January, 2018 is born

The – Performance Managed Hosting brand and the new company LEAD MAGNET SRL are born. We focus exclusively on supplying high-traffic customers, reaching editorial realities among the first in Italy with over 200 million page views on a single site. We develop the new performance-oriented server stack and forge new strategic partnerships with European datacenters.

January, 2018

June 2022

Managed Server Srl is born

The new company MANAGED SERVER SRL is set up which takes over the old LEAD MAGNET SRL A new director is appointed with previous experience in the business management branch. The CTO role and external collaborations are redefined.

June 2022

January 2023

Acquisition of from Meta LTD

With a view to consolidating the presence on the Italian and European market, the negotiation with META LTD for the acquisition of the new asset is concluded

January 2023

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