April 19 2020

Fattoincasadabenedetta.it - ​​The success story of one of our customers and her site at the time of the quarantine for COVID-19

Despite the bad times we are going through globally due to the virus Covid-19 better known as Corona Virus, the Italians have shown that they are unable to give up taste and a good fork.

To act as an incentive, closed restaurants, pizzerias, bars, and the catering sector in general suspended until new directives (we also hope for a quick reopening) the Italians have not been able to resist trying their hand at cooking by preparing delicious dishes in the intimacy of their kitchen .

Whether they are future Masterchefs or curious and willing novices determined to start good food, what emerges is that in the last month the site of Fattoincasadabenedetta.it has achieved enviable national success with over 35 MILLION page views and over 20 million visitors (and 45 million at the end of April) that landed on his site hosted by us.

We had already talked about it in this article how obsessive we had been in preparing the solution Dedicated and optimized WordPress hosting for a very busy site, but this time we leave it to talk about its national success by reporting some excerpts that appeared on the Corriere Adriatico website of which you can read the original article here.

What have we been able to offer as a WordPress hosting company?

Although the success achieved and the merits are the result of a cooperation of various professionals in the digital field (SEO / Graphic Designers / Marketer / Web Designer, etc ...) as well as the irrepressible desire to do, dedication and tireless proactiveness of Benedetta and her husband, for our part we were certainly able to meet the expectations regarding performance and load, being able to manage double the number of users without having to resort to a server upgrade or implementation of new technologies among those already present.

As reported by the article, in fact, the site in this period of quarantine has obtained a boom in accesses of more than double compared to those that are the standard trends of visits and pages, reaching 20 million unique users and over 45 million page views per month.

Our software configuration combined with a wise choice of Hardware and a managed H24 assistance, in fact, in addition to being particularly competitive on costs, allows us to provide Professional Hosting services to online newspapers, blogs and publishing in general, allowing you to manage traffic peaks in the order of several hundred million page views per month without any problems in terms of speed and performance and without having to resort to expensive third-party services such as CDN and the like.

Our software stack that is particularly complex and effective compared to our competitors is summarized in the following image, if you want to learn more, we invite you to this reading.

In case you were wondering what could be the best hosting solution for your WordPress blog please keep this testimony and case study in mind as an evaluation of our services.

NOTE: The screenshots of the article, the texts of the article, the images of the article are the property of Corriere Adriatico.

The original news is available on their website at: https://www.corriereadriatico.it/marche/altidona_benedetta_rossi_food_blogger_regina_cucina_web_internet_ricetta_lettori-5178408.html

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