Invoicing and payments

Invoicing and payments

Dear Customer,

below are the main indications and payment methods regarding the invoicing and payments of MANAGED SERVER SRL which operates in Europe using the MANAGEDSERVER.IT brand.

Therefore invoices and proforma notes will have as header: 

Via Enzo Ferrari, 9
62012 - Civitanova Marche - Italy
EU VAT: IT02085220438
REA: MC - 282554

1. VAT and Reverse Charge

Our company has its tax office in Italy therefore all commercial operations aimed at a corporate customer (not Italian) but with a European VAT number and in possession of a Community VAT number with registration in the VIES can take advantage of the reverse charge (or Reverse Charge ) for VAT purposes.

Practically our company will issue accounting documentation in which the corresponding VAT will not be charged and the buyer will be delegated to pay the VAT according to the rate of his country in force.

In the event that the client does not have a VIES registration, our company will add to the net of the invoice the taxable amount of the VAT rate currently in force in Italy (22%) according to the reverse charge mechanism or Reverse Charge pursuant to Article 17, paragraphs 5 and 6 of the Italian Presidential Decree 633/1972 (so-called "VAT decree").

To verify registration in the electronic VAT data exchange system (VIES), you can validate your VAT number using the system made available by the European Community which can be reached Clicking here.

For any clarification on tax matters and legal provisions, please consult your trusted tax advisor.

2. Proforma

In order to fulfill the transparency obligations, our company issues a proforma invoice as an advance of the invoice itself.

The pro forma invoicing procedure is based on the idea that it may be useful to issue a document where the customer can check the price of the respective services which will then be highlighted in the next invoice, the correctness of the disc data and allow easier correction in the event of any errors.

In fact, in the proforma it is possible to view the list of products and services, as well as the description of the interventions carried out with the associated execution date in order to allow the customer an easier understanding of the invoiced items and being able to access an easy search for communications between parts.

At the balance of the proforma invoice and within the same month, the accounting invoice will be issued which will be treated as described in the following paragraph.

Any delays in payment, corrections, disputes must take place within 5 days of receipt with written communication via PEC to the address if you are an Italian customer or by ordinary email at the address taking care to explain your request clearly and in detail.

An unjustified prolongation of the balance may lead to the suspension of services until the balance is paid.

For any clarification on tax matters and legal provisions, please consult your trusted tax advisor.

3. Invoicing and methods

All our services have a periodic, monthly or annual expiration according to the type of the same. 

The domains have a minimum duration of 1 year, set by the relevant Registry for the domain. The hosting services, Cloud or server, have a minimum duration indicated in the product sheet and signed at the time of purchase and on the respective reference page on our website.

If you have received one of our invoices, it means that the balance of the corresponding proforma sent to you previously has been correctly received and therefore you can proceed to file it according to legal provisions and record it in the accounts.

For any clarification on tax matters and legal provisions, please consult your trusted tax advisor.

4. Payment methods

Below are the main payment methods accepted and their details. Remember to pay the balance within 3 days of receiving the proforma. Any different timing and methods should be discussed by sending an email to and if you want greater legal value at the PEC address

Bank transfer in the SEPA area.

It is possible to arrange a bank transfer in the SEPA area (made within the 28 Member States of the European Union EU).

This type of payment is allowed and preferable for all products and services.

The accreditation times are notoriously effective and normally completed in an indicative time between 2 and 3 working days. It is important to arrange the bank transfer taking extreme care to enter the correct data below using the EURO currency, specifying the Proforma number as the reason for the transfer and using the following bank details:

Bank: Intesa Sanpaolo SpA
IBAN: IT25E0306913408100000010481

Once the transfer has been made, the usual practice of notification of the disposition is requested by e-mail to the e-mail address although the payment will be registered only when credited to the current account.


Paypal or Debit / Credit Cards on external Gateway.

The accepted credit cards are the same ones accepted by the well-known Paypal payment system: VISA, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express. The choice of this payment system allows us to speed up the order processing process. On Paypal it is also possible to use the main prepaid credit cards.

LEAD MAGNET SRL is aware of the importance of confidentiality and security of information transmitted via the Internet, which is why the procedure takes place with the TLS encrypted transfer protocol directly on the Paypal payment platform which enjoys the highest levels of security and not on our systems. The transport is then encrypted and the parameters passed through the customer's browser are encrypted. All the data entered during the procedure, including those relating to the credit card, arrive only at the Paypal server in the form of encrypted information.

Payment by credit card is strongly recommended in case of renewal of domains or products near the expiry date: it guarantees that the the renewal process takes place in real time, eliminating the risk that the product will expire while waiting to rejoin the payment with the order.

If you want to use this form of payment, use the email address as Paypal taking care to enter the corresponding amount and the proforma number as a reason, or click the button below to proceed on our guided procedure on the customer area which will allow you to fill in all the fields correctly to end up redirected to Paypal to complete the payment.


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