Our company philosophy can be defined as Pareto-like. From an organizational choice derived from ruminations and training in social economy, we wanted to adopt as a mentor,  Vilfredo Federico Damaso Pareto , Italian engineer, economist and sociologist. Of great mental versatility, Pareto was among the most eclectic minds who lived in the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Famous for the celebrated Pareto principle, better known as the 80s and 20s rule, we can substitute for his teachings as do little, do it well.

The simple-level Pareto rule suggests that if there are two groups or groups of related data typically cause and effect, or inputs and outputs, the correlation that is measured from reality data is that:

  • "80 percent of the output is produced by 20 percent of the inputs"
  • "80 percent of the results are given by 20 percent of the causes"
  • "20% of the nature of the costs generates 80% in absolute value of the costs"
  • "20% of customers generate 80% of revenues"
  • "20% of products generate 80% of revenues"
  • “20% of the causes of non-conformities generate 80% of non-conformities

This principle is extremely useful for planning, analyzing and solving problems and achieving goals.

Many business disasters could have been easily avoided with a consistent approach to the Pareto Principle being in fact a tremendously powerful model, all the more effective because it is so simple and easy.

For example, consider an organization that continues to run its businesses across its entire product range, when perhaps 95% of its profits come from as little as 10% of the products and / or perhaps only 2% of its profits. comes from 60%, the same with reference to customers.

Imagine the wasted effort.

Instead, making a quick one "Pareto" analysis By discovering this reality, decision makers can clearly see where to direct their efforts, and likely cut down on a lot of loss-making products and better focus on more profitable customers and products.

It is with this "banal and profound" acquired awareness that after 10 years from the launch of the old company that did “a bit of everything”, we focused only and exclusively on Linux and Hosting systems. Collateral activities such as website creation, SEO, graphics, Copywriting that previously could be included among the services offered, have been completely eliminated by offering only system services, few, but good, for few and good customers.

In support of this, a strategic naming change that reflected in all respects our corporate mission. By investing a few thousand euros in the purchase of a domain name that would suit us, encompasses what we do in all its eloquence and simplicity.

Even our customers do not fall into the usual category of those who buy low-cost low-performance solutions.

We will never stoop to competing with "big small hosting companies", but rather with "Big companies for big hosting".

We are not interested in customers who have no need for performance and do not have the perception of high added value services such as performance, safety and quality assistance., therefore it is obvious that we do not turn to the mass but only to a slice of users who, understanding the quality of our services and products, trust us in the knowledge that an investment in our services will translate into extremely positive benefits for their company.

Liquid Business

Briefly, a liquid business is a business with no fixed but variable costs (totally or in large part) based on the performance of the business itself. It is also scalable, meaning it can grow quickly and without limits.

In our business creating a liquid business was essential to be able to deal "only" with the systemic aspects of our solutions, that is to focus on providing the appropriate system solutions to solve the customer's problems. 

Otherwise it would have meant dealing with all those aspects not inherent to the actual systems consultancy, such as the purchase of devices, carrying out wiring, hardware interventions, dealing personally with the physical safety of the machines, supervision, generators, bureaucratic and legal relationships that we would necessarily have to manage if we had decided to invest in the construction of a Owned datacenter.

The winning solution was to choose Colocation as an alternative solution to the construction of a Datacenter precisely that would necessarily have meant for the final customer significantly higher prices to amortize the investment of millions of euros made initially.

By approaching the colocation solution, we can delegate to international partners of first choice all aspects that go beyond systems engineering, having on-site staff who assist us with a reaction time of less than 15 minutes if (and only) it is needed.

This means fewer full time staff, less costs for the company and obviously less costs for the customer, without sacrificing an H24 presence in the datacenter and a quality of power, storage and bandwidth systems that are in fact the flagship of the European panorama.


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