During the 90s, open source and Linux began to gain a significant advantage over proprietary systems, such as those from Microsoft. Businesses have recognized and appreciated the economic benefits offered by open source, along with the flexibility that this approach offers to customize software to meet particular needs. Also, over time, Linux and other open source operating systems have evolved, becoming more intuitive and easier to manage. In parallel, world-class companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon have developed high-quality open source software solutions that can effectively compete with Microsoft products. This has helped further increase the adoption of Linux and other open source operating systems for business applications, challenging Microsoft's dominance.

In line with this trend, our philosophy has consolidated in embracing the open source movement, making use of software and open source code from research centers, universities, or from technological giants such as Google, Facebook, Netflix and Spotify. We firmly believe that the use of open source technologies represents a strategic choice advantageous, both for us and for the customers we serve.

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Why opt for open source? The answer is rooted both in our academic training and in the potential that this technological offer entails. Open source has been the core of the graduate computer science studies that our employees and contractors have undertaken. Beyond education, open source code is an invaluable resource that gives anyone the ability to use, modify, and distribute the software. This collaborative environment allows developers to work together to continuously improve the software, fixing bugs and expanding its functionality. Open source is also cost-effective. Often, there are no user licenses to purchase, thus reducing the cost of managing and installing the software. Today open source, and Linux in particular, occupies a position of great importance in the global technological panorama. It has now spread to many of the digital tools we use every day. A practical example is the Android operating system, present on over two billion devices worldwide. Based on Linux, Android is a clear testament to how open source has become an integral part of our daily lives. We strongly believe that open source represents an inexhaustible source of innovation and a means to provide our customers with efficient, reliable and customized solutions.
For example, our servers run on the Linux operating system, one of the most widespread and appreciated in the world of open source. This operating system is famous for its rock-solid stability, excellent security, and unmatched flexibility, making it an ideal option for hosting websites and running applications.

In addition, we rely on NGINX, one of the most loved and used open source web servers, to handle our customers' requests. NGINX is renowned for its speed, its ability to handle high levels of traffic, and its security, qualities that make it perfectly suited to handle a high volume of requests.

We also use open source software for data management, using for example MySQL or PostgreSQL, among the most widely used open source database management systems globally.

The adoption of open source immerses us in an ongoing process of research and development, both inside and outside our organization. The right to freely access and use the source code of other developers and companies allows us to integrate highly valuable functionality into our services, which benefits our customers.

Open source also gives us the opportunity to collaborate closely with the vast global developer community. This allows us to help improve the open source software we use in our services while also benefiting from innovations made by others. In summary, open source offers us the ability to offer a wider range of services and features to our customers, while maintaining low costs and ensuring greater flexibility. This translates into the ability to provide more efficient and customizable solutions, able to meet the specific needs of our customers, for a higher quality overall experience.

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