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June 6 2023

MariaDB Health Checker Plugin Now Available on

A New MariaDB Performance Monitoring and Optimization Tool Now Available for WordPress Users

A new MariaDB health checker plugin is now available on, thanks to the efforts of contributors involved in the CloudFest Hackathon 2023 which was held in Germany. MariaDB is a popular open source database used by those looking to further scale their websites, as it is generally faster than MySQL with better support for a concurrent number of connections.

Right now it seems like WordPress is ruling the PHP world, so this seemed to be the perfect target.

MariaDB Foundation loves WordPress (I'm writing this post in WordPress right now) so it seemed like a logical project.

said Andrew Hutchings, Chief Contributions Officer of the MariaDB Foundation, about building the plugin at the hackathon.

The plugin helps users debug their MariaDB databases by displaying important information, such as logs, locale, connections, character set and collation, and options. It also shows a graph of the number of queries and execution time over the last 24 hours.


The plugin also integrates with the WordPress Site Health feature with two checks: an end-of-life check and a check to see if the Histograms have been run. Histograms is an optimizer that can help improve the performance of MariaDB, and the plugin allows you to perform histogram calculation on WordPress tables with one click under the Tools menu of the plugin.


There are some features now and it's a good framework to add more features in the future.

This is a community project and is open to suggestions and pull requests. This is a project that we at the MariaDB Foundation want to support in the future.

Hutchings said.

MariaDB Health Checks is developed on GitHub, where developers can follow the progress of the plugin, contribute new features and report bugs.

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