April 27 2019

Fake reviews in the hosting world. Affiliate hosting provider review.

Here are the reasons why even slow hosting is recommended by bloggers and affiliate marketers.

Fake Reviews Hosting Banner

WARNING : On 26 June 2019 we were reached by a warning from the current holder of the rights on the Trademark that appeared in this article and in respect of the rights on the trademark we were forced to limit the use of a trademark inherent to a Hosting WordPress. Therefore in the article we will not be able in any way to mention the brand. However, since the request is misleading given the claim to remove absolutely legitimate content such as the video at the end of the article, we wanted to leave the content absolutely legitimate in order to have any shadow of a doubt and publish an update at the end of the article regarding this warning that seems to us more an attempt to censorship what else. 

What happens in the Hosting world has few rivals in other economic sectors. In reality the statement is not even too correct, perhaps we should have written that what happens on the net on the Internet does not happen in real life and in everyday life.

Are we talking about coast? The phenomenon of affiliations and in particular affiliations in the Hosting sector.

Essentially the phenomenon whereby Bloggers who have well-positioned content recommend or do not recommend a service or product solely for personal gain, going to emphasize the positive aspects or inventing reviews from scratch just in order to pocket hefty commissions.

This does not mean that all reviews are fake, but that there are certainly many that are more well positioned.

This does not even mean that the hosting mentioned are not good, but only that most likely, despite being more than adequate for the average user without too many needs, they are not able to have optimal performance like other players on the market famous for holding tens of millions. visitors per month.

What are online affiliations?


Let's imagine you have a blog about cats because you are a cat lover and you love to tell the story of your furry friend. Imagine that in a few years the numerous weekly posts in which you talk about the various breeds, cat health, weaning, nutrition, are positioned and awarded by Google among the very first results on the front page.

You start receiving hundreds of thousands of visits from other cat enthusiasts or owners who for one reason or another seek advice on the net about their four-legged friend.

You have traffic, you have visibility and you are in fact a reference point for many users who visit your website.

You are noticed by a manufacturer of very expensive kibble with questionable or even poor raw materials who offers you a profit of 10 euros per sale that comes from your site, by giving you an affiliate link to his site.

You have many visits, Facebook FAN pages with hundreds of thousands of users and above all authority and credibility but your blog does not bring you any income, it is a simple hobby.

At the same time you would love to have the money to get married and to buy a new house and move away from yours.

You decide to try this new proposal, this new BUSINESS.

You start inserting a banner on the sidebar to the right of your site, one in the middle of the article, one at the bottom, you create an article with the review of the product provided by the manufacturer of the croquettes, praising the non-existent qualities such as raw materials, ashes provide mineral salts, the health of the cat's intestine, longevity and its immune system. Actually been advertising crap, you realize the "BIO chicken croquettes with high content" for your cat, they are nothing more than a pile of rice with just a little chicken which in fact appears on the label among the last ingredients as it is not very present.

You who are a true fan of cats and know how to read the labels, you know that the first on the list of ingredients is the one with the greatest quantity, and if you read rice, starch, vegetables and chicken you know perfectly well that there really is chicken in the croquette very little, in infinitesimal quantities.

You know that you are advertising a questionable product, a real PACKAGE, but you also know that crap money does not make and you would like to make the most of your notoriety to earn a little something and so you decide to do this AFFILIATE MARKETING experiment in affiliation with the company PINCOPALLO Srl which decides to recognize you precisely 10 euros for every sale of these very expensive kibble for cats which are actually qualitatively bad but cost a lot of money.

At the end of the month an email arrives with the sales report of the croquettes manufacturer PINCOPALLO Srl which highlights how your site has generated 500 sales on over 50 thousand visits for a recognized value of 5000 euros of commissions that have already been paid .

Incredulous, log in to home banking and find a nice 5000 euro bank transfer just credited to your account by PINCOPALLO Srl

You sold a junk if not downright dangerous product, at very high costs, passing it off as the non plus ultra on the market… but it paid off well.

Let it be clear that the above is an example invented for narrative purposes, but there are an infinite number of similar or even worse cases on nutraceuticals, aesthetics, cosmetics and we often find them on television investigative broadcasts.

The phenomenon arises above all online and is present above all on the net as through referrals (imagine something like https://nomesito.it/?affid=pippo) where pippo is the name of the affiliate it is allowed to track traffic and sales produced by the affiliate and recognize a commission.

In the real world you should think with coupons and discount codes, or have commission agreements as many commercial agents do, in the online world you use a referral to recognize the sales that comes from one affiliate rather than the other.

The important thing is to sell.

It doesn't matter to tell the truth or to be an expert in the field to talk about something, whoever is not a technician and writes editorial articles and promotes one service rather than another, most likely has a personal advantage.

As long as the reviews are honest, realistic and truthful, so be it, after all we are receiving dispassionate advice (or almost) and the commission could also be considered fair for helping us make a correct choice, but when the reviews are blatantly false with the sole purpose of selling and obtaining commissions regardless of the quality of the product or service which could also be bad?


WordPress Hosting Reviews and Affiliations.

In the world of Hosting this does not change, on the contrary it is even more accentuated, as Hosting is now a mass consumption service (we all have a website or almost, both private individuals and companies), secondly being a service in subscription in which a customer remains such for several years the long-term value of a customer is several hundred euros or even thousands. Giving away 50 euros or 100 euros in commission to the affiliate who brings you a customer who is worth it in the long term, perhaps even 1000 euros, is a small price to pay that can however bring many customers and great satisfaction, leading you to be a mediocre hosting unknown provider to one of the most popular of the moment.

At the time of writing this article (Saturday 27 April 2019) our company MANAGED SERVER SRL. and our Managed Server brand has NEVER offered affiliate programs and commissions to any intermediary or blogger. Nonetheless, we boast of the largest Italian sites and an absolutely unrivaled portfolio in the international panorama with customers from tens of millions of visits per month up to customers with over 50 MILLION unique visitors per month and traffic peaks of over 60 thousand users per minute.

One of our customers with over 50 million visitors per month.

Google Analytics Traffic

The absolutely curious fact is how many of these customers only came to us after trying many other WordPress hosting, including the most advertised ones.

Where for example the sites generated CPU problems, Load CPU or a heavy use of resources with consequent 502 bad gateways or even suspension of services and reactivation after upgrading the hosting plan with consequent outlay of money, in our company these problems were solved through a skilful system configuration of the server-side components.

502 bad gateway nginx

Over time we have seen how at least 40% of our customers always came from the same suppliers and always with the same story behind them, the site that goes well, suddenly begins to devour CPU and the site either goes down or is suspended. The assistance offers an upgrade of the hosting plan to a more performing and expensive one and the user decides to pay extra euros in order to solve the problem. The assistance reactivates the service and after a few days you return to the previous point, with frequent 502 bad gateways or site suspended due to excessive consumption of resources.

At that point, here is again the assistance that offers an even greater upgrade, or a passage to a Cloud server or a Dedicated server, raising the prices up to over 600 euros per month.

It is in these cases that the user begins to search on Google and comes across our site and after reading our articles, having seen our customer portfolio and successful cases, he decides to contact us to definitively solve the problems they have. on other Hosting Providers.

For example, if we want to look for online opinions on these hosting that make affiliations we can see how there are many positive opinions but also many negative ones that more or less recite the story described above. What is evident is that unsatisfied customers do not have any affiliate links with them.

Some negative reviews found online

So here are some of the reviews found online and made by users or bloggers who do not have affiliate links and therefore no conflict of interest in earning from particularly and excessively sweetened false reviews. The reviews we have reported were written by their legitimate authors and we wanted to bring the negative ones that always deal with the same problem as the positive reviews and the possible correlation with affiliate commissions. In wanting to be as transparent as possible, it is good to know that there are also many positive reviews online.


Review appeared on Giorgiotave.it

The complete thread can be viewed here: https://bit.ly/2IPexvX

A bad review

You can read dozens of negative reviews at this URL: https://bit.ly/2FxOQOA


You can read it at this URL: https://www.creailweb.it/scegliere-un-hosting-per-wordpress-la-scelta-migliore/

It is obvious and obvious that there are also very positive reviews on the net and that many consider it an excellent hosting if put in relation to their very basic needs and this article wants to be absolutely focused on the fake reviews of many bloggers.

The perplexity arises from the fact that although there are high-performance Hosting Providers certainly more performing and better than them such as (WPEngine, Kinsta, Fastly or the same WordPress VIP), when you search the web for "Best WordPress Hosting", they speak for the most of them.

A more than eloquent case that of one of our customers who, having exceeded the Load CPU and having suspended the hosting plan, resolved by switching to our services, but nevertheless continued to positively review the old hoster in order to obtain commissions on sales.

Hosting Affiliations. Bloggers and proof of their conflict of interest.

Let's try to understand something more from this program by going to find information online and also from their own website.


Affiliate Program Banner
Affiliate Link Generation
Commissions example

Essentially much of this information can be retrieved by visiting their site.

But how much does an affiliate hosting pay?

Based on the table below, if an affiliate sold "only" 2 Hostings a day thanks to the affiliate program for a total of 60 Hostings sold per month, he would earn 75 euros in commissions multiplied by 60 sales or at least 4500 Euros. More than a salary for a heart surgeon in Italy so to speak.

4500 Euro!

So you understand why affiliate reviews can't be trusted? Too many interests and too much money at stake, more than enough to tell falsehoods about the goodness of a Hosting that has made its fortune with affiliations, or by paying to make them speak well.

Affiliate Commissions

At this point you should also understand that the affiliate commissions do not pay the hosting, but who buys their Hosting and therefore the end user. One would therefore wonder about a hypothetical fee of 100 euros a year because 75 should end up in the pocket of the affiliate who recommended the product and "only" 25 euros in the hoster's pocket?

How much is such a hosting really worth, therefore, net of the negative reviews reported above and net of the affiliations and false (or in any case extremely positive) reviews written by many affiliated bloggers?

The real earnings of an affiliate in 2017

If until now we have posted documentation about what we can find published on their sites or reviews found online written by other users, we want to report some numbers relating to the earnings in hosting sales commissions that you can read in the original language here: https://bit.ly/2Lm3zQl

He explicitly writes (here the translated version):

In 2017, I made $ 80.000 through the S *** Ground Affiliate Program. I had never made this kind of money ... I could move to Denver, buy a new car, live in a nice apartment with my 2 new shelter cats, and donated $ 3.000 to Hurricane Harvey. I've been broke all my life, but for the first time I'm financially stable making passive income from affiliate marketing. So of course I want to share how I did it :) I did a lot of research (which I share with you), took a lot of screenshots (which I shared with you) and decided to promote S *** Ground on some articles related to hosting and website speed. I have specialized in SEO for 5 years, so I also show you some keywords and content ideas. By the end of this SiteGround affiliate review you will have the keywords, screenshots and resources to earn money with the # 1 WordPress host in 10 different Facebook surveys. Here is my 1099 tax form in 2017 ...



As a very high performance WordPress hosting company where we routinely solve load problems for our customers often coming from other high traffic hosting, with prominent customers with over 85 million unique visitors per month and notable traffic spikes we find sad, and incorrect that an army of fake reviews moved only and exclusively by lavish and conspicuous commissions can make a very normal hosting company excel, where in the world there are at least 5 or 6 others certainly more deserving with customers of a certain thickness and very important traffic.

It should be noted that the fault is not even of the Hosting companies, at least not directly, but it is clear that offering commissions of over 40 euros per sale means that there is an obvious conflict of interest of bloggers and affiliates who will be willing to lying in order to obtain commissions on sales.

This causes a distortion of the market that no longer reflects the reality and natural order of events if a hoster had not adopted commissions as a marketing strategy.

Attempting to restore the natural order of things, hierarchies and related merits and demerits is today a duty to protect the unsuspecting user who blindly trusts biased reviews., although as in a Body Building competition where the athlete with the best genetics and the best training never wins, but the most doped one, the use of doping itself by those who do not use it remains the only solution valid to re-establish the hierarchy and relative positions on the podium.

Some highly advertised hosting are well suited for sites that do not require very high performance, adequate optimization and very high traffic in the order of millions of visitors per month or thousands of users connected in real time.

Although hosting may enjoy a good reputation, not being a managed service, it will not be able to enjoy the entire application and server side optimization process that only an expert systems engineer can manage to guarantee brilliant results.

A practical example of an optimized WooCommerce site.

Regarding performance or performance, we have made a demonstration video of a WooCommerce store migrated to us, it will certainly help to illustrate how we can optimize the speed of a website under our Managed management.

The following video shows a real case where a WooCommerce is hosted on a Cloud instance at a popular WordPress hosting and we test the performance and browsing speed on it. We then repeat a navigation test on our hosting after migrating and optimizing it.



ATTENTION: On 26 June 2019 we were reached by a warning from the current holder of the rights on the Trademark that appeared in this article and in respect of the rights on the trademark we were forced to limit the use of a trademark inherent to a WordPress hosting. However, since the request is misleading given the claim to also remove absolutely legitimate content such as the video at the end of the article, we wanted to leave the content legitimate and publish an update at the end of the article regarding this warning that seems to us more an attempt at censorship than anything else.


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