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June 8 2022 has been an Italian company since June 2022

An important corporate change with new figures and ambitions for the future of Italian Hosting

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We inform you that on June 8, 2022, the company changeover from LEAD MAGNET SRL to MANAGED SERVER SRL was completed and finalized.

The operation was an absolutely necessary and inevitable step, mainly intended to open up new opportunities on the Italian territory bound by the formal requirement of Italian territoriality.

Although in fact we had an important growth also during 2020 - 2021, years characterized by the health scourge better known as COVID19, it would have been impossible to obtain some formal and substantial requirements to be able to operate with the PA with a European but not an Italian company. .

Covid and the lockdown.

It should be noted that the decision was made directly in the second lockdown due to Covid. This has created significant logistical problems, the return to the country, as well as the Colocation logistic service which has in fact been suspended for new customers, effectively removing the possibility of hosting their machines at our recommended facilities.

In this regard, also given the change of residence of the administration, as well as the interruption of subordinate relationships for health reasons due to covid, was a determining factor, in order to comply with all the regulations regarding European company law.

Public calls, Funding, AGID and PNRR.

Among the additional reasons that directly contributed to the establishment of the new company MANAGED SERVER SRL, the possibility of being able to participate as suppliers in public tenders for the Public Administration, become AGID certified suppliers (we are completing the procedures to be able to be accepted by December 2022), as well as being able to participate in tenders for financing companies with the object of Information Technology services.

How does our company change?

From a technical and technological point of view we have maintained all the partnerships with the old suppliers, however delegating the physical maintenance of the machines as regards the hardware components directly to the Datacenter staff. This will allow us to focus more on the systems and services part, delegating all the hardware part (warehouse, spare parts, interventions, assembly, maintenance) in order to minimize costs and maximize revenues.

On the corporate side, the designation of roles is reviewed.

In fact, a new director (director or CEO) takes over with 30% of the company shares. This step was necessary in order to improve company management and administration, thus opting for one technical figure titled in Business Administration, and with over 15 years of experience in this area.

The remainder of the shares (70%) is still owned by the owner of the company who is therefore redesigned on his specific will to CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and bringing in management in addition to the classic systems activity also new aspects regarding research and development.

Obviously the company name changes, as well as the bank details that you can find in the footer of our site and below:

Bank: Intesa Sanpaolo SpA
IBAN: IT25E0306913408100000010481

Registered office and operational headquarters

The registered office and operational headquarters are currently defined in Via Enzo Ferrari, 9 - Civitanova Marche - 62012 (MC) - ITALY

By July the registered office will be separated from the operational one for purely organizational reasons.

Maintenance of customer services and technological infrastructure

From a purely technical point of view, nothing will change for customers and their services. In fact, there will be no changes and technological impacts of any kind.

The IPs, the Datacenter, the software configurations, the technology stack, the technical staff and the technical references will remain unchanged, as well as all the backup and disaster recovery procedures.

Electronic invoicing

We will therefore adopt electronic invoicing as a requirement and obligation in force in Italy from June 2022. To foreign customers, we will normally invoice using emails with attached PDF invoices.

Customers will therefore be registered by requesting the new coordinates for electronic invoicing and the tax drawer.

The application of VAT will follow the directives in force.

Commitments for the future

We therefore wanted to list with you customers or future customers what our commitments are for the near future, and in particular for the year 2022 - 2023 which will see us participate in new initiatives with high added value.

Improvement and expansion of technological services

This commitment is a continuous commitment that has always characterized us. Wanting to be leaders and not gregarious in the international Hosting panorama inevitably leads to investing a lot in research and development, staying both up-to-date on new technological developments and further setting new goals for the benefit of our customers.

In this regard, given the growing demand, we have opened up to the provision of Cloud services until now available only to resellers and partners but not present in the public price list.

Obtaining the AGID certification

AGID has outlined a qualification path for PA Software as a service (Saas) suppliers, so that public administrations can adopt homogeneous and quality Cloud services.

The qualifications ensure that SaaS services for the PA Cloud are developed and provided according to minimum criteria of reliability and security considered necessary for public digital services.

To obtain the qualification of Software as a service (SaaS) service providers of the PA, the interested parties must meet a series of requirements set by the AGID circular no. 3 of 9 April 2018.

New services on the territory

The presence on the territory has allowed us to forge partnerships with legal consultants specialized in the law of new technologies and digital law, expanding the offer for the brands region of Data Protection Officer (DPO) services in accordance with European law.

Improvement of communication

Starting from July, we intend to increase the visibility of our brand and the services offered by investing in content marketing and advertising on the main social and ADS platforms. This has the corporate goal of expanding and increasing by 31 December 2022 at least 25% of customers for dedicated Server and Hosting solutions.

Furthermore, starting from the month of July, we will always reserve specific price lists for partners and resellers, both in discount mode and in Whitelabel mode and / or both.

Workflow improvement

The Workflow will be managed on CRM in order to have control over the entire work flow of the company. In this regard, we have opted for integrated Groupware and CRM tools.

Disposal of the old platform

The old Customer platform will continue to be active for the purposes of consulting the ticket history, invoice history, until December 2023.

However, it will not be possible to make new orders or payments for the new months. Customers will in fact be migrated by June to the new customer platform accessible via the customer area.

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