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Optimization Core Web Vitals

No longer just a Vanity Metric, but a Google ® positioning factor

Welcome to our email optimization service Core Web Vitals, created to enhance the user experience (UX) and SEO positioning of your site. Since the introduction of Google's Page Experience update in May 2021, i Core Web Vitals they have become decisive for ranking, along with other UX signals.

This update highlighted the importance Google places on UX, showing the need for sites to adapt to compete effectively in search results. Our experts will guide you in optimizing your Core Web Vitals with tailor-made solutions that improve both the navigability and the ranking of your site.

Adapting to these guidelines will not only increase the visibility of your site, but also user satisfaction, turning visitors into loyal customers. With our help, you can ensure that your site meets the highest standards set by Google, keeping you ahead of the competition.
Marco Marcoaldi - Founder Managed Server Srl
Marco Marcoaldi
Founder & Systems Engineer Managed Server

Earn more with a faster website.

Speeding up your website can help you a lot:

Thanks to our service, you have at your disposal in a single solution all that is essential to ensure the speed and efficiency of your website. Not only do we put advanced features like caching and image optimization at your fingertips, but we also offer you a high-quality CDN, ready to go.

Everything you need to ensure that your visitors navigate quickly and smoothly is here, with us.

Get instant results and expert support.

No more absurd costs and biblical waiting times from web developers.

Maximize the efficiency of your time and minimize the effort spent through our integrated and comprehensive service.

Eliminates the need to turn to external developers or navigate through complex and intricate configurations. With the solution we propose, you will have the opportunity to obtain tangible and measurable results in a significantly reduced period of time.

And in case you need assistance or want targeted advice, our team of experts in performance optimization and Core Web Vitals is always ready and available to provide you with personalized help and support. Thanks to their deep knowledge and expertise, you will be able to navigate through technical challenges with ease, ensuring that your website is optimized to provide a superior user experience and unrivaled performance.

Google core web Vitals experts
How to improve Core web Vitals

Win in user experience and customer satisfaction.

Give your visitors a smooth experience.

People are naturally inclined to read, browse and shop from websites that offer speed and responsiveness. In a digital world where every second counts, a slow site can mean the loss of potential customers. We're here to make sure that doesn't happen by making sure your site's loading times are optimized to the max.

And don't worry about less efficient Mobile 3G connections: thanks to the advanced combination of TCP BBR and 0-RTT, together with HTTP/3 and QUIC technologies, we can guarantee you the best possible browsing experience, regardless of the quality of the connection. With us, your users will always have a smooth and satisfying experience.

No technical or programming skills are required.

Thanks to our advanced optimization, you can benefit from a significant increase in the speed of your site without having to worry about a thing. Our service works autonomously, making sure your website is always at peak performance, every hour of the day and night, every day of the year.

And the best part? You don't need to be a development expert or have special training. We take care of everything, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best, while making sure your site runs smoothly.

Performance Improvement and Optimization Core web Vitals
PageSpeed ​​Ranking

Improve your ranking on Google

A fast site also serves for better positioning.

In June 2021, Google rolled out the page experience update, transforming i Core web Vitals from simple vanity metrics to real ranking factors.

The key elements of a good web experience are identified by Google as "core web vitals". These have been formally included in the list of ranking criteria which Google details transparently.

Furthermore, in the previous November, Google had announced that “page experience-based ranking criteria for Google Search would be introduced in May 2021. This would integrate Core web Vitals with other pre-existing user experience (UX) signals )”.

Advanced cache mechanism and technology.

We ensure a high cache hit rate by using Varnish Cache, an advanced HTTP cache management solution. Through Varnish, we are able to significantly speed up the delivery of web content, thus improving the overall performance of the site.

Here are some of the features included in our service:

Web Image Optimization Stack

Complete image optimization stack.

Our server-side software stack takes care of all aspects of image optimization, including:

Everything else you need for a fast website.

Core web Vitals optimization stack
Piggy bank

The best price on the market.

Enough estimates of thousands of euros and hidden costs.

Although we understand the importance of our service for the customer's economy and business, we firmly believe that the customer should have an honest price in line with expectations and without any hidden costs.

There are pay-as-you-go solutions that, although they are apparently attractive, cannot be budgeted and therefore can lead to consumption 10 or 20 times higher than those initially budgeted at the end of the month.

Our business model is based exclusively on flat rates and not on consumption, i.e. there will be no additional costs of any kind other than the initially agreed monthly fee.

Compliant with GDPR regulations

Do not risk penalties for non-compliance with the GDPR regulation on data protection.


Our company complies with the GDPR regulation as it is a European company, with European Datacenters certified ISO 27001 and managed by personnel of European nationality and residence.

The data remain stored within the European borders as required by the Rules (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and subsequent amendments.

(Data Protection Officer or DPO)

A service dedicated to Google optimization Core Web Vitals focuses on boosting a website's performance, based on three key metrics established by Google to ensure a great user experience. These metrics are:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), which measures page load time;
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), which evaluates the stability of the page layout;
  • First Input Delay (FID), which analyzes the reaction time of the page to the first user interactions.

Through this service, it is possible to detect and resolve any site performance problems, implementing the most suitable solutions to optimize the user experience. This is essential for companies that want to ensure a responsive and intuitive website, as a good user experience can positively influence the conversion rate and visitor loyalty.

I Core Web Vitals represent a set of three essential metrics, identified by Google, which determine the quality of the user experience offered by a website. These metrics have been studied and selected to reflect the most critical aspects that directly influence user satisfaction while browsing.

The first of these metrics, the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), measures how long it takes for the page to load the main content, providing a direct indication of how quickly a visitor can start interacting with the site.

The First Input Delay (FID), on the other hand, evaluates the time between the moment in which a user tries to interact with a page (for example, by clicking on a link or a button) and the moment in which the page actually responds to such interaction. This metric is critical to understanding how responsive a site is.

Finally, the Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) analyzes the stability of the layout of a page during its display. If page elements move unexpectedly while the user is browsing, this can cause frustration and potentially lead to errors, such as unintentionally clicking on the wrong link or button.

Together, these three metrics provide a comprehensive overview of user experience quality, making i Core Web Vitals an essential tool for anyone who wants to better optimize their website.

In recent times, Google has given increasing importance to Core Web Vitals, integrating them as key elements in its search ranking algorithms. This change underscores the importance of providing a high-quality user experience, as websites that meet and exceed the performance metrics set by Core Web Vitals are more likely to be rewarded with more favorable placement in Google search results.

Not only does this have implications for a site's visibility and traffic, but it also directly reflects on the end-user experience. A site that loads quickly, responds promptly to interactions, and maintains a stable layout is much more appealing to visitors. These, in turn, are more likely to stay on the site, explore further pages, and generally have a positive experience.

A great user experience not only helps keep visitors, but it can also encourage them to come back, share your site with others, and interact more with your content or services. Ultimately, attention to Core Web Vitals not only does it improve your search engine rankings, but it also helps build a loyal and satisfied user base.

A service specialized in the optimization of Core Web Vitals it is essential to ensure that your website effectively meets the performance metrics set by Google. This service begins with an in-depth analysis of your site's current performance, examining each aspect to determine how it compares to industry standards. Core Web Vitals.

After this analysis, the service identifies specific performance issues that could impede your ability to meet or exceed these metrics. These problems could range from slow load times, layout instability, or page interactivity delays.

Once these problems have been identified, the service will propose a series of customized solutions to solve them. These solutions might include optimizing images, reducing unnecessary JavaScript code, implementing more effective caching, among other strategies. In addition, an optimization service of Core Web Vitals not only provides solutions, but can also assist in their implementation, ensuring that the proposed changes are executed correctly and produce the desired results. Ultimately, using such a service not only improves your site's performance in terms of metrics, but also helps deliver a superior user experience, which is critical to the long-term success of your website.

A service specialized in the optimization of Core Web Vitals is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of their website. These services focus on critical aspects that directly affect the user experience.

One of the most common problems faced by websites is slow loading time. A site that takes too long to load can drive away visitors before they've even had a chance to explore the content. An optimization service can identify and fix the root causes of these delays, such as unoptimized high-resolution images, redundant code, or inefficient third-party resources.

The lack of interactivity is another significant obstacle. If a site doesn't respond promptly to user actions, such as clicks or scrolls, it can be frustrating and lead to decreased engagement. The optimization of Core Web Vitals can address these issues, ensuring that pages are responsive and ready to respond to user interactions.

Finally, layout stability is critical to ensure that page elements don't move unexpectedly during navigation. These moves can lead to user errors, such as accidental clicks on ads or links. An optimization service can identify the causes of these shifts and implement solutions to ensure a stable and predictable layout.

Make use of a video optimization service Core Web Vitals it not only improves the technical performance of your site, but also contributes to a more pleasant and user-friendly online environment for your visitors.

To effectively analyze and optimize i Core Web Vitals, you can use a wide range of tools, both provided directly by Google and by third parties. Google's tools, such as PageSpeed ​​Insights and Lighthouse, are especially useful because they're specifically designed to measure and suggest improvements in line with metrics set by Google itself.

PageSpeed ​​Insights, for example, provides a detailed analysis of a web page's performance, highlighting areas that need optimization and suggesting specific solutions. Lighthouse, on the other hand, is an automated audit tool that can help developers understand how to improve the quality of their web pages in terms of performance, accessibility, SEO, and more.

Apart from these, there are a number of third party tools that can be used for data analysis, debugging and optimization. Some of these tools can be integrated directly into your website as application-side plugins, offering immediate and specific solutions for your site's needs. 

The important thing is to have a complete view of your site's performance and areas that need improvement, and to take advantage of all the tools and application-side plugins at your disposal to ensure an optimal user experience.

The optimization of Core Web Vitals of your site requires a holistic approach that combines both client-side and server-side techniques. Here's how we might proceed:

Client side:

  1. Image optimization: Reducing the size of images without compromising quality, using modern formats like WebP, can significantly improve loading times.
  2. Optimization of JavaScript files: Minimizing and deferring loading of non-essential scripts can reduce main thread blocking time, improving First Input Delay (FID).
  3. Resizing and compressing CSS files: Minifying CSS files and removing unused styles can make page rendering faster.
  4. Using caches and CDNs: Caching static assets and using a content delivery network (CDN) can significantly reduce load times, bringing assets closer to the end user.
  5. Scaling of render sources: Prioritizing critical resources and deferring non-essential ones can improve the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP).

Server side:

  1. Enterprise grade server stack: The adoption of enterprise-class server solutions ensures superior performance, security and reliability. These servers are designed to handle heavy workloads and offer fast response times, which are essential for a great user experience.
  2. Database optimization: Ensuring that database queries are efficient and that the database is well indexed can significantly reduce server response times.
  3. Advanced cache configuration: Implementing a server-side cache, such as Varnish or Redis, can drastically improve page delivery speed.
  4. HTTP/3 and QUIC: Adopting modern network protocols can improve the data transmission speed between server and client.

By combining these client-side and server-side techniques, we can ensure that your site not only meets, but exceeds customer expectations Core Web Vitals, offering a high-quality user experience and improving your search engine rankings.

We will use tools such as PageSpeed ​​Insights by Google to measure the optimization progress of your site's core web vitals. We may also use other site performance monitoring tools to verify that the changes you make are actually improving site performance.

The optimization of Core Web Vitals of your site is a process that requires detailed analysis and targeted interventions. The duration of this process varies according to several factors.

First, we have to consider it current performance status of your site. If your site already has a good performance base, it may require less attention than a site that has multiple performance issues.

After making ainitial analysis performance of your site, we will have a clear picture of the areas that need attention. This analysis will allow us to identify specific problems such as non-optimized images, heavy JavaScript scripts, caching problems, among others.

Once the problems are identified, we can plan an optimization strategy and, based on this, provide you with one precise estimate of the time necessary to complete the job.

However, based on our experience and requests we have handled in the past, we can tell you that in most cases, we are able to complete the optimization of Core Web Vitals in a time range of 5 – 10 working days. This period may vary slightly depending on the complexity of the site and the specific needs of the client, but we always strive to ensure timely and high quality results.

The optimization of Core Web Vitals is closely linked to the quality of the hosting service on which a website is based. This is because hosting plays a crucial role in determining how quickly and reliably a site can respond to user requests.

Un low quality hosting service may have several limitations. For example, if it's not configured to handle a large number of concurrent requests, this could significantly slow down the page load time (LCP). This is especially problematic during traffic peaks, when many users visit the site at the same time.

Still, a hosting service that doesn't keep its infrastructure up-to-date, uses outdated hardware, or doesn't have optimal connectivity can negatively affect the Time to First Byte (TTFB). A high TTFB indicates that there is a delay between a web page request and when the server starts sending data. This delay can impact both the LCP and the First Input Delay (FID), impacting the entire user experience.

If, during our analysis, we identify that the customer's current hosting service is the performance bottleneck, we may suggest a switch. There our hosting infrastructurein fact, it was designed with the aim of maximizing performance. We use state-of-the-art hardware, high-quality networking, and optimized configurations to ensure that websites hosted with us not only meet, but exceed customers' expectations. Core Web Vitals. This way, we can assure our customers that their site will offer a first-rate user experience, regardless of traffic volume or specific site needs.

Yes, we understand the importance of a smooth move and the impact, if any, a migration can have on a customer's day-to-day operations. For this reason, we offer a completely free data migration service. This process is usually performed during the night hours to minimize any potential disruption or inconvenience to end users and to ensure that the website and its functionalities remain accessible during the day.

Once we've transferred the data to the new machine, we don't just stop at the transfer. We proceed with a careful optimization of all the elements involved. This includes file optimization to ensure fast load times, database optimization to ensure efficient responses to queries, and email management to ensure all communications are fully functional and secure.

Our main goal is to ensure a smooth and trouble-free transition, while ensuring that every aspect of your site and associated services are optimized for performance and security. This way, you can be sure that once the migration is complete, everything will work perfectly and optimally.

Since 2012, we have made a strategic decision to focus our expertise on CMSs which, despite being among the most popular and in demand at the moment, are known to be inherently slower and heavier: we are talking about WordPress and WooCommerce. This choice was born from the awareness that, precisely because of their innate characteristics, the opportunity for improvement and optimization is considerably greater.

WordPress and WooCommerce, while extremely flexible and feature-rich, can become performance issues, especially when overloaded with plugins or configured suboptimally. This “problematic” nature presented us with a challenge, but also an opportunity.

Thanks to our specialization, we are able to intervene in a targeted way on these CMS, making significant improvements. The result of our work is not only theoretical, but extremely tangible: our customers often experience a radical transformation of their sites, moving from slow and unresponsive platforms to extremely high-performance and rapid solutions.

The satisfaction of our customers is palpable. There is nothing more rewarding for them than seeing a website that was once cumbersome and frustrating to navigate transform into a snappy and smooth platform. And for us, seeing our customers satisfied and appreciative of the dramatic improvement in their site's performance is the best reward for the hard work and expertise we bring to bear.

The security and integrity of our customers' data are at the heart of our concerns. We are fully aware of the risks associated with hacker attacks, human error and accidental loss. For this reason, we have implemented stringent measures to ensure that your data is always protected and recoverable.

  1. Multiple Backups: We perform at least three daily backups using three different technologies. This redundant approach ensures that if one technology fails, we will always have at least one working, ready-to-use backup from one of the other sources.

  2. Hourly Backups for Blogs: For blogs or websites that generate a large amount of content in a short time, we offer hourly backups to ensure that every piece of content is saved and protected.

  3. Data Insurance: We understand the critical importance of data to our customers' business. For this, we offer the possibility of secure your site and your business with additional coverage to come up to ten thousand euros in case of irreparable data loss.

  4. Advanced Protection: Our infrastructure is protected by Firewall hardware latest generation and robust systems DDOS mitigation. These measures are designed to fend off external attacks, ensuring your site remains accessible and secure at all times.

  5. High Profile Clients: Our dedication to security and data protection has meant that we have become the point of reference for even the most demanding customers, who manage large-scale businesses with turnovers in the order of several million euros.

Our commitment to data protection and security is unparalleled. Every decision we make, every technology we implement, is guided by the desire to offer our customers a secure, reliable and cutting-edge hosting service.

Our contracts are structured to offer maximum flexibility to our customers. When you enter into a contract with us, it is valid for 12 months, but with the convenience of a split payment on a monthly basis. This allows you to have a clear view of your expenses and manage your budget effectively.

Despite the annual duration of the contract, we wanted to guarantee maximum flexibility: you are not bound to the entire year, but only to the single month you paid. This facility gives you the freedom to use the server for a minimum period of one month. After this period, you have the option to decide whether to renew the service for another month or not, according to your needs.

We understand that circumstances may change and you may need to discontinue the service. In that case, all we ask is 30 days notice to cancel. This notice period allows us to ensure that the transition goes smoothly and that all of your information is handled with the utmost care and security. Ultimately, our main aim is to ensure that you, as our client, receive a high quality service with clear and flexible terms.

May 25, 2018 marked a significant turning point in the protection of personal data in Europe. On this date, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force, an ambitious and cutting-edge regulation promulgated by the European Commission. This regulation aims to strengthen and standardize the protection of personal data of European Union citizens, guaranteeing them greater control over their data and ensuring that companies are transparent and responsible in their treatment.

One of the distinguishing features of the GDPR is its extraterritorial reach. It is not limited to regulating companies based within the European Union, but also extends to all those companies, wherever they are located, that process data of European citizens. This means that many international organisations, regardless of their geographical location, are required to comply with its provisions if they handle even the smallest amount of EU citizens' data.

Managed Server Srl, aware of the importance of this legislation and its impact, actively undertakes to respect and apply all the provisions set forth by the GDPR. This is not only to fulfill a legal obligation, but also to strengthen trust with its customers and ensure that their data is treated with the utmost care, transparency and security. Each service offered by Managed Server is in line with EU Regulation 2016/679, thus ensuring that customer data is always protected and managed in compliance with the best practices on data protection.

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