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No longer just a Vanity Metrics, but a Google ranking factor

There is a lot of buzz in the SEO world regarding the upcoming Google Page Experience update in May 2021, we have provided helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions about Core Web Vitals Google to improve the user experience on your site and Google search ranking.

Last November Google announced that "the page experience ranking signals for Google Search will be launched in May 2021. This will combine Core Web Vitals and previous UX related signals ".

Google rarely tells the SEO community which part of its algorithm it considers a ranking factor, but when it does, as with the most recent BERT algorithm update announcement, we need to pay attention and make sure we align our SEO strategy to include the best ones. Google practices.
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Earn more with a faster website.

Speeding up your website can help you a lot:

With our service, you get everything you need for a fast website, in one place. Features like caching, image optimization and a CDN are ready to use.

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Save time and effort with our all-in-one service. No third party developers or complex configurations are required. Get measurable results in minutes and ask our performance experts for help when needed.

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Give your visitors a smooth experience.

People prefer to read, browse, and shop from quick websites. We make sure you don't miss out on other potential customers due to slow loading times.

Even on non-performing 3G Mobile connections thanks to the TCP BBR and 0-RTT combo that ensures you the best possible experience.

No technical or programming skills are required.

With our optimization, you get a huge increase in site speed effortlessly. Our service automatically optimizes your website and keeps it fast 24/24, 7 days a year.

You will not need to have specific development or preparation skills.

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Improve your ranking on Google

A fast site also serves for better positioning.

The Google page experience update took place in June 2021 and i Core Web Vitals from simple Vanity Metrics they have become Ranking factors.

The main vital elements of the web are what Google calls “core web vitals” and they have been officially added to the list of ranking factors on which Google is transparent.

Last November Google announced that “Page Experience Ranking Signals for Google Search will launch in May 2021. This will combine Core Web Vitals and previous UX related signals ”.

Advanced cache mechanism and technology.

We guarantee a high cache hit rate with many advanced features such as:


Complete image optimization stack.

Our server-side software stack takes care of all aspects of image optimization, including:

Everything else you need for a fast website.


The best price on the market.

Enough estimates of thousands of euros and hidden costs.

Although we understand the importance of our service for the customer's economy and business, we firmly believe that the customer should have an honest price in line with expectations and without any hidden costs.

There are pay-as-you-go solutions that, although they are apparently attractive, cannot be budgeted and therefore can lead to consumption 10 or 20 times higher than those initially budgeted at the end of the month.

Our business model is based exclusively on flat rates and not on consumption, i.e. there will be no additional costs of any kind other than the initially agreed monthly fee.

Compliant with GDPR regulations

Do not risk penalties for non-compliance with the GDPR regulation on data protection.


Our company complies with the GDPR regulation as it is a European company, with European Datacenters certified ISO 27001 and managed by personnel of European nationality and residence.

The data remain stored within the European borders as required by the Rules (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and subsequent amendments.

They made use of our services and our know-how.

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