November 25, 2023

Why Don't We Do Black Fridays?

We don't need it, because we offer the best performance and the best quality at the best price every day of the year.


In the frenzy of modern shopping, Black Friday has become an almost sacred event, an occasion when companies offer incredible discounts to attract customers. However, at Managed Server SRL, we have consciously chosen not to participate in this tradition. Here because.

Quality and Value Every Day of the Year

We firmly believe in providing the highest value and highest quality every day. Our approach to pricing is simple: always offer the best possible price, without compromising on quality. This means we don't inflate prices only to lower them during events like Black Friday. Our commitment is to ensure that our customers always get the best deal, regardless of the season or occasion.

We do not deceive consumers

Black Friday can be seen as a deception for consumers. On this day, notoriously characterized by big discounts and offers, many companies adopt tactics that can be misleading. An example is the increase in prices in the months leading up to Black Friday. This artificial markup creates the illusion of significant discounts when, in reality, customers are purchasing products at similar or slightly reduced prices. This practice is not only deceptive, but also undermines consumer trust, leading them to question the authenticity of future promotions and offers.

In other contexts, Black Friday becomes a sort of trap for customers, with apparently advantageous offers that hide less favorable conditions in the long term. It may occur that promotional costs, initially attractive, undergo significant increases over time, reaching and sometimes exceeding double the initial value at the time of renewal. This implies that, despite appearances, companies maintain a substantial profit margin even during Black Friday, selling products at least at cost price, if not with a further margin. As a result, at the time of renewal, both the profit margin for the company and the cost for the customer turn out to be much higher than the real value of the product or service can justify.

At Managed Server SRL, we are firmly committed to transparency and integrity. We consciously choose not to participate in these deceptive marketing strategies. Our business philosophy is based on offering real and honest value to our customers, maintaining a clear and consistent pricing policy throughout the year.

Beyond Commercial Products

At Managed Server SRL, we have deliberately distanced ourselves from the use of conventional commercial hosting solutions, such as Plesk or cPanel. This choice is not random, but the result of a carefully planned path aimed at offering a superior and highly personalized service.

Innovation as a Pillar

Our philosophy is based on continuous innovation. The solutions we develop internally are the result of years of research and development, led by a team of experts in the field of Linux systems and web performance. Every component of our hosting solutions has been meticulously designed and optimized to ensure an unparalleled user experience.

Customization at the highest level

The main differentiation of our solutions lies in their ability to be customized. We recognize that each customer has unique needs, therefore, we offer flexible solutions that can be adapted to meet specific needs. This customized approach extends to all levels of our service, from hardware configuration to software management and network performance, to a server-side software stack customized to the needs of the project.

Focus on Performance and Efficiency

Our dedication to performance and efficiency is a key element that sets us apart. Our solutions are designed to maximize speed, stability and security. Through the use of cutting-edge technology and optimization practices, we ensure that our clients' sites and applications perform to their full potential.

A Superior Alternative

While many hosting companies rely on pre-packaged solutions for their ease of implementation and maintenance, we have chosen to take a more challenging but rewarding path. By building our solutions from the ground up, we can guarantee a level of quality and performance that off-the-shelf solutions simply can't match.

Maintain focus and mission.

Our goal is not to simply sell what others are selling, but to distinguish ourselves as a leader in the industry. This means investing in continuous research and development to offer our customers better performance, functionality and latency. We are in a constant pursuit of excellence, offering hosting solutions that not only meet, but exceed customer expectations.


At Managed Server SRL, Black Friday is not synonymous with discounts, but with constant quality and value. Our mission is to offer exceptional hosting services every day of the year, at fair and transparent prices. By choosing not to participate in Black Friday, we remain true to our values ​​of integrity, transparency and commitment to excellence.

With Managed Server SRL, customers can rest assured that they will always get the best in quality and performance, regardless of the season or event. This is our commitment, today and every day.

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