August 30 2018

Business presentation

Whether they say it, for better or for worse, every company always tends to monetize figures, turnover and profits. A company that tries to sell you something does it primarily for its own personal gain. We are no different nor are we good Sammaritans, but having a different business model, with different aims and purposes, we have decided to get out of the hypocrisy of "politically correct" and tell you how things really are, reminding you that what you don't know it could harm you.

Marco Marcoaldi Linux Managed Server Server Managed system engineerDo you have any idea what it means to have a hosting-based entrepreneurial activity today where we normally have entrepreneurs who are very experienced in business management and budgets but who do not understand anything about systems? Do you have any idea how many entrepreneurs have decided to do business in the hosting sector by hiring technicians and experts who sell out for a loaf of bread?

Have you ever wondered why in all these hosting that maybe you have also tried you breathed an air of mediocrity and never of innovation?

Do you have any idea why despite having had contacts, requests for collaboration, hiring requests from the largest Italian Hosting companies in terms of numbers, we have always refused, continuing to make their customers our own who once passed to our management they doubled their performance by spending half ? Do you understand what it means for a company to be able to do a better, faster and more performing job using a single server where other companies use four?

Do you know why where these companies tend to sell dozens and dozens of services, we count them on the fingers of one hand?

We do few things, we do them well but above all better than our competitors.

Meanwhile, we continue to grind customers, grow 100% every year and achieve and consolidate important company objectives and prominent customers who confirm every day that we are doing well.

It is not enough to install a Cpanel or a Plesk to provide a Hosting service. It is necessary to excel in the systems knowledge and technical know-how that is used daily to solve the problems of our customers and above all not to have conflicts of interest in choosing whether to sell you more powerful hardware or a software optimization to use a smaller and less expensive hardware.

We have made our choice, and our remuneration, unlike them, does not come from what the customer spends, but from what the customer saves.

I invite you to view the presentation I have prepared to reveal some secrets.

What no one has ever told you

Discover our company and everything that many hosting companies have hidden from you until now. Ask yourself why there are hosting companies that charge ten times more than ours. Understand how they've been making fun of you so far so that it doesn't happen again.

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