Intervention and processing times

Dear Customer,

in order to provide you with an optimal service, we have developed a priority system based on the much better known TRIAGE used in the nursing / hospital setting.

It is important to remember how establishing the priority of access to the treatment service means identify which customers need immediate action and which ones may differ from the intervention. This procedure requires meeting, in particular, three criteria:

  • Quickness: triage access-coding time must be short
  • High sensitivity and sufficient specificity: all potentially critical customers must be identified
  • Organizational logic: an organization must be pursued which, with an adequate use of resources, produces compliance with management deadlines and standards

They are labeled and identified by four respective codes and colors, in order of severity and priority:

RED : or ABSOLUTE URGENCY. Online presence is not guaranteed. The customer has the business completely stopped, a loss of profit or loss is expected in the immediate future. Taking charge of the immediate problem or otherwise less than 15 minutes.

YELLOW : or DANGER. The customer has the problematic business or potentially urgent in the near future. Online presence is guaranteed but with minor issuesi that could seriously impact shortly thereafter. Taking charge of the problem within 24 hours.

GREEN : or DIFFERABLE INTERVENTION. The customer has the fully functional business. Online presence is guaranteed without any problem. The will of is manifested make evolutionary changes previously not agreed in order to improve the functioning of the project itself. Taking charge of the problem within four days and in any case not earlier than 48 hours.

WHITE : or NOT URGENT. The customer has the fully functional business. Online presence is guaranteed without any problem. The will of is manifested solve problems or ask for advice on aspects that go beyond hosting and systems or products and services subscribed by the customer. Based on the evaluation of the request you can decide to refuse the intervention or direct it to external companies and collaborators in order to have a specialist consultation. Taking charge of the problem within a week and in any case not earlier than 48 hours.

In order to facilitate the interpretation of the intervention codes listed above, below you will find a list of cases divided by color and the relative prices if not included in the service.

Please note that if the intervention is requested due to the customer's slight or gross negligence, the costs of the operation and support will be charged with a minimum rate of € 10 up to € 50 as per table. In the event of an increase, the customer will be contacted for quote acceptance.

Any request for assistance urgent that it will arrive on Saturdays or holidays and will prove to be attributable to customer errors will result in a additional charge of € 20 (in addition to the cost of the service) as a contribution to expenses.

Red Code

  • WEB Site Down or not visible. *
  • Website with human loading times greater than 10 seconds. *
  • Repeated errors of type 500 (501, 500, 502) *
  • WEB site subjected to defacement for hacker attack. (€ 50)
  • Hardware failure. (FREE)
  • Network outages. (FREE)
  • Data loss File. *
  • Database data loss. *
  • Inability to send or receive Email. *
  • Cache system not refresher content properly. *
  • Restore backup DB. (€ 40)
  • Restore Backup File. (€ 40)

* If it is highlighted that the problem was caused by the customer due to inexperience (lack of backup, plugin installation experiments in production, erroneous operations, cancellation of unauthorized cache plugins, incorrect client configuration), the customer will be required to pay the costs intervention from a minimum of € 20 to € 50 based on the intervention that will be necessary to restore correct functioning.

Yellow Code

  • Loss of data that can be recovered at a later time. (€ 40)
  • Production of NGINX Rewrite rules (20 € or on estimate)
  • Power increase or migration to another instance / Server due to traffic peaks. (Instance cost plus € 50 for migration)
  • Backup restore on staging systems. (€ 100)
  • Cloning of systems from production to staging or alignment of the same (sync). (€ 50)
  • Activation of new domains. (10 € - 50 € depending on the extension)
  • Activation of hosting spaces. (as per contract)
  • Dedicated Server Activation. (as per contract)
  • Hosting space migration. (20 € or as per contract)
  • Activation of new mailboxes (the customer has the panel to be able to do it independently) (€ 10)
  • DNS Record Tracking (€ 10)
  • Switch nameservers with those provided by the customer. (€ 10)
  • MySQL password required because lost. (€ 10)
  • Request FTP password because lost (10 €)
  • Request Password Email because lost (10 €)
  • Password Recovery WordPress User or other CMS because lost (10 €).

Green Code

  • HTTPS installation with Let'S Encrypt and 301 redirect (€ 20 per site or subdomain)
  • Activation of third level subdomains (€ 10 each)
  • PageSpeed ​​optimization (€ 100 one-time fee)
  • Performance Optimization (on estimate)
  • Server instance downgrade (instance cost + € 50 one-off).
  • Assistance in permalink change and rewrite 301 (€ 50 one-off).
  • Backup implementation on external systems owned by the customer (100 € one-off)
  • Supply of Auth code EPP (Free)
  • Report in simple appraisal upon request of judicial authority for hypothetical crime (€ 200 one-off)
  • Increase SEO / Social traffic (on estimate)

White Code

  • Migration from CMS to another CMS
  • Creation of new themes or templates.
  • Plugin creation
  • ADS campaigns
  • Link Building campaigns and strategy
  • WooCommerce update
  • Potentially problematic plugin update
  • Performance optimization
  • SEO audit
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Photography
  • Graphics
  • Evaluation of sites / portals and strategies of users who are not yet customers

Some of the requests that fall into the category White Code they could be rejected as they are not related to the skills of our company and therefore impossible to achieve. Nevertheless, it is possible that you may be directed to external professionals and companies with whom we collaborate from time to time in order to put you in a position to meet your needs.

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