October 31, 2023

WooCommerce changes brand and becomes Woo

Rebranding WooCommerce to Woo: A Strategic Shift to Revolutionize the E-Commerce Ecosystem.


WooCommerce, the open source e-commerce platform acquired by Automattic in 2015, decided to renew its brand by simply becoming “Woo”. This new name, shorter and catchier, is already widely used by customers loyal to the platform. To date, Woo powers over 4,4 million active websites, covering 33% of the top million ranked online stores.

The brand change isn't just about the name, it extends to all areas of the Woo experience, including the Woo Marketplace and the WooExperts program. Furthermore, the WooCommerce.com website will be migrated to the woo.com domain.

David Callaway, Vice President of Creative and Communications at Woo, said:

Woo is how many of our loyal customers have referred to us for years. We are now embracing this name for our company and our brand. It's a fun, punchy name that reflects our enthusiasm for delivering successful tools for merchants and developers. The move to Woo.com is part of this larger strategy.

This name change also provides the opportunity to standardize and simplify the names of the products and services offered. For example, WooCommerce Payments was recently renamed to WooPayments and gradually other product names will be changed to align with this simpler naming system, in order to better connect the core software, extensions and programs.

It's worth noting that while “Woo” is how the brand and company are now identified, “WooCommerce” will remain the name of the open-source e-commerce platform for WordPress, which is the company's core product .

One of the recently launched products that already bears the shortest name is Woo Express. During the “State of the Woo 2023” event, held on the occasion of WooSesh, several milestones achieved by Woo Express were highlighted. This new service, described as “Woo's biggest bet yet,” launched in 2023 and is hosted on WordPress.com's infrastructure. The free trials began in April 2023 and, already in July of the same year, Woo Express had more than 1.000 customers. The service includes a new onboarding flow and store customization experience for merchants, supported by a setup guide and a recommendation engine powered by an AI-driven assistant.

For Woo customers, the name change will not result in any interruption of service. However, store owners may notice a name change notice in their dashboard or emails, but no action is required on their part.

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