Managed WordPress Hosting frees you from the stress of maintaining your WordPress hosting and server thanks to a managed WordPress hosting. From monitoring and security to server updates to troubleshooting, managing your own WordPress hosting means wasting time and energy that you could otherwise invest in growing your business. wants to give you the freedom to create incredible digital experiences online, without worrying about your technology stack, server security, updates or server-side optimizations. With our managed hosting services and Dedicated Servers optimized we take care of the technology so that you can focus on what is important to you.

What Makes Us the Best WordPress Hosting?

Speed, reliability, performance and peace of mind: these are all reasons to migrate your site to managed hosting with But don't take our word for it: over 2000 customers with high traffic sites trust us for hosting their sites every day.

There are plenty of companies that promise the best managed WordPress hosting services, but there are very few that can deliver on their promises. The support team is present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we're constantly working to keep our servers fast and secure while offering new integrations and tools to help you get the most out of your WordPress experience. removes the hassle and headache of hosting a website. Our support team helps you every step of the way.

Our enterprise-grade technology supports small businesses up to the best companies in the world.

Lightning fast sites!

Conveniently and efficiently update your site with new resources and publish new content with the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), the fastest growing CMS used by over 30% of the entire web and 60% of sites who use a CMS. provides fast hosting for WordPress, integrated into our platform.

What differentiates us from other hosting?

Standard hosting may seem like the perfect fit for personal sites or small business websites. At a third of the price of managed hosting, it seems like child's play.

The reality is you get what you pay for. keeps your WordPress site running fast, your servers secure and ensures you never have to wait long for support. Compare this to regular hosting and you'll quickly see that the low costs come with some pretty important downsides.

For businesses, these problems are even more obvious - even a few minutes of inactivity can mean lost revenue, and a slow site means a loss of customers. Smaller businesses often don't have the time to effectively manage their website, so WordPress installations are surprisingly common (and a major cause of hacker attacks). manages your WordPress hosting so you don't have to worry about your site.

Managed Hosting VS VPS Hosting or Dedicated Servers.

With some managed hosting services coming close to the cost of a VPS, it is tempting to opt for a self-managed hosting package. While the costs can be similar and there is no limit on the number of sites hosted on a VPS, it's easy to forget how much work can go into keeping a self-managed VPS up to date.

With your own servers you are not only concerned with keeping WordPress up to date, but you must also keep PHP, Apache, NGINX, Varnish, REDIS and the whole system up to date.

After updates, a core server is not optimized for WordPress. There are thousands of rules and packages that need to be carefully considered and kept up to date, to ensure that your websites are performing their best and staying safe.

The final problem when comparing managed hosting to a VPS is that the best managed hosting providers provide much more than just hosting. The platform comes with ready-to-use development environments and, depending on what you choose, can provide page speed monitoring, content performance analysis and even integration with tools such as New Relic for in-depth monitoring of server performance.

Our software stack is absolutely at the forefront of both software components and configuration accuracy, probably one of a kind, and we challenge you to find something similar from other vendors. It allows us to obtain maximum performance and to obtain advanced features even for special cases such as sites with many searches.

A few numbers?

Here is a client of ours in the online publishing sector who manages to make about 50 million unique visitors per month for over 150 million page views, with a 400 Euro per month Hosting plan that includes hardware and system assistance included. Suffice it to say that with the previous supplier he spent three times as much and the site went down with just 10 users connected in real time.

In the screenshot we can see the statistics of just 5 days with over 7 million unique visitors. 

In this screenshot always one of our clients with an editorial blog that generates more 90 MILLION visitors per month.

If you were looking for competence and professionalism for hosting with optimal performance and better than any other provider on the market, you have finally found the right partner with which to achieve online success. Contact us now to find out what we can do together.

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