December 1 2022

ElasticPress 4.4.0 Adds New Status Report Page and Instant Results Template Customization

New features and functionalities in the 4.4.0 release of ElasticPress, the plugin for quick searches for WordPress that relies on ElasticSearch.

10up issued the 4.4.0 version di ElasticPress , its enhanced search plugin that speeds up your search by reducing the load on WordPress sites. The plugin is based on Elasticsearch and is used by customers of the service (a SaaS solution), as well as those who host their own Elasticsearch instance such as our advanced hosting plans.

We talked about it quite extensively about what is ElasticPress in this article.

This update adds a new “Status Report” page to your dashboard with information that can be useful for troubleshooting ElasticPress and synced content. The user interface uses Gutenberg components for collapsible sections. Version 4.4.0 introduces a new query logging feature that logs failed queries (up to 5 in the last 24 hours) and displays an admin alert if failed queries are found. Failed queries appear on the new Status Report page.

Another strong point of this version is the possibility of customize the template for Instant Results . Provides developers with a JavaScript hook to replace the component used to display search results in Instant Results. The Instant Results feature is was introduced in March with limited customization capabilities. Added a new search modal on page content that inherits site styles. Developers can change the look and expose facets, but this new update gives them control over the entire model.

Another small but useful update of this version is the possibility of exclude a specific post from Search . This helps site owners further customize the search experience to deliver only the results you expect.

Developers using the plugin should note the announcement included in this release regarding the migration of Users functionality to the ElasticPress Labs plugin, which houses more experimental features:

Note that starting with ElasticPress 5.0.0 the  Users functionality will be moved to the plugin  ElasticPress Labs  . The functionalities Terms e  Comments they will remain in ElasticPress but will only be available when enabled via code.

Check out the full list of updates and bug fixes on GitHub in the changelog for 4.4.0 .


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