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December 22 2018

Our Hosting sucks. Today we tell you why.

A brief rant of unlike other providers does not make false advertising and false reviews.

Today a new WordPress Hosting has been released, yet another Hosting.

Probably a couple of willing guys who have realized that Hosting can be a business.

They hired a server from OVH and mounted cPanel, which they will resell to their customers. 100 euros of expense, between server and panel that will make if they are awake even 2000 euros by reselling smoke to fools.

There is not even a VAT number at the bottom of their site, there is no PEC, there is no adequate documentation in legalese and bureaucratic about GDPR, Cookie Policy, Privacy.

We could simply postpone these aspects although we all know that they are obligations and not discretion of those who created the site, we could postpone and focus only on case studies, customer portfolios and numbers.

Yet none of this, no case studies, no noteworthy customers, no major numbers involving tens of millions of unique visitors per month, traffic spikes of hundreds of thousands of users per minute, none of this.

Just a few logos of some small unknown customers: A tobacconist, a car dealer, a barber and a beauty center that offers tanning with lamps with 3 ├Ś 2 promotional packages.

Regardless of the bureaucratic deficiencies that we could define formal, and those of a technical and technological nature that could be defined as formal, we have the SLOGAN though. ÔÇťThe best WordPress HostingÔÇŁ. I haven't forgotten that. No. That's as beautiful as the sun on a gloomy December day close to Christmas Eve.

But God forbid they didn't write it.

Have you ever seen any company write, ÔÇťThe worst WordPress hostingÔÇŁ?

Seriously. Have you ever seen such a slogan?

Or driven by the intellectual honesty that prevails the entrepreneurial sense, Have you ever seen someone write "A mediocre WordPress Hosting"?

No. They are all the best.

  1. Established companies with turnover of tens or hundreds of MILLIONS of Euros per year to whom we usually take demanding customers who are always Down with them? They're the best.
  2. Established companies and consulting firms that guarantee the same service with 10 thousand euros per month of infrastructure that we provide with a tenth of the cost? They're the best.
  3. Consultants who until yesterday sold printers and toners and today rent a Server, Do they resell it to you with CPanel and present themselves as the best Hosting? Obviously, they are the best. That they later discovered PHP-FPM in May 2018 doesn't matter. Basically you don't know what PHP-FPM is for and why we have been using it for at least 5 years, or since PHP 5.3, but the Slogan works. The best.

If everyone is the best, then we decided to suck. You read that right, suck.

At least we differentiate, we are different, we create attention and probably you too who will be reading attracted by the title you will think that Whiskey early in the morning is not exactly a breakfast of champions.

But we agree with you, and we are not prey to the fumes of alcohol (rather than good coffee) and we are perfectly sober. After all, what is wrong with being black sheep in the midst of a uniform white flock?

Or purple cows as Seth Godin would say?

What's wrong with saying you suck when everyone else undeservedly claims to be the best?

What have they done ? What numbers? Which customers? What case studies? What event with hundreds of millions of users per month did they manage?

Does selling 1 million hosting packages to local delicatessens and bakers mean being the best Hosting? Or maybe it just means being the best with turnover?

Because if you see it this way, then Mc Donalds is the best restaurant in the world, Swatch and Casio the best watchmakers in the world. Tavernello the best Italian wine.

What do we care about Chefs like Bottura and his Osteria Francescana twice elected best restaurant in the world, what interests us about the Swiss Maison Patek Philippe, if after all Swatch bills more by selling plastic watches? What are we interested in Sassicaia with an average cost of 150 ÔéČ per bottle if after all the Tavernello sells much, much more?

At least in their sector there is intellectual honesty, no one poses with the slogan "The best". Not even well-established brands like Carlsberg which in the world of beer has renewed the slogan by changing ÔÇťThe best beer in the WorldÔÇŁ to ÔÇťProbably the best beer in the worldÔÇŁ. That probably says a lot, indeed it says it all and we will not even intend to explain it, because it is clear, eloquent, self-evident.

In the Hosting sector this is not the case, they are all the best. Without papers in order, without numbers, without facts. All the best. Best.

So as we have specified, and we want to reiterate we suck.

We sucked when we followed the launch of Quizdee (a popular quiz game on Facebook with tests) which made 100 million page views in a matter of days, monetizing numbers from AdSense that we won't say for confidentiality.

We sucked when we followed the launch of a well-known brand of 80's Gummy Candies associated with the world of football taking care of the advertising campaign aired between the first and second half of the European World Cup when the Italian national team was playing with a peak of traffic of 200 thousand users per minute.

We sucked when Interior Minister Salvini published a news article first on his Facebook wall, then on Twitter, they reach 2 million unique visitors within 10 hours for about 5 million unique pages viewed.

We sucked and have been doing it ever since we brought a customer to hold a website with 90 millions of unique users per month (with peaks of over 50 million), coming from a difficult situation and three BEST WordPress hosting passed by spending triple, without any satisfactory result but above all with very frequent downtime. Another Best WordPress Hosting alternative was to spend $ 9 a month. 100 dollars a year in short. Here you can read the story in detail.

We sucked all the times we ran online campaigns for commercials. From those that are broadcast immediately after the Forum, to those that are broadcast on Sky, to those that are broadcast in prime time or as reiterated before between the first and second half of the national football team.

Or those times when we did not go on the air with commercials, but holding up the site of a well-known adult actress aired on Ciao Darwin (the program with Bonolis and Laurenti) in prime time on Canale 5.

A brief appearance of 2 minutes, nothing special, which in any case meant about 300 users online in a matter of minutes. Site online, no crashes although we were only notified of the event a couple of hours earlier.

If everyone else is the best, selling hosting to bakers and butchers, then we suck.
We suck even when they ask us for uncomfortable collaborations that with a smile on our lips and the paraculaggine of some envious colleagues in fact collaboration is a politically correct way to seek training and steal the know-how.

We suck when they install Apache and MySQL for you, and we go with our stack with NGINX, Percona Server and so many other things that we prefer to remain in our knowledge than that of so many self-styled best smoke hosting vendors.

We prefer to say ÔÇťThank you but let's continue on our wayÔÇŁ, and then take the best customers from him.

We suck when they who sell hosting to butchers make 10 or 100 times more turnover than ours. It 's appropriate to say this time ... we suck.

But maybe it's just a provocation, maybe just a kind of game in which by dressing the shoes of others for the time necessary to write this post we have reversed the roles, and the meaning of the words.

Perhaps, in truth, there really is no best hosting or best WordPress hosting. Maybe we all really suck, no one excluded.

Who sucks, and who does his job grossly well.

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