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Our servers are all mid-to-high-end servers with minimal processor configuration 8 Intel Xeon cores, with a minimum configuration of 32 GB of RAM ETC, disks always in mirrored configuration (RAID1), Operating system CentOS 7 or RedHat Enteprise RHEL to ensure optimal standards.

In fact, among the various hardware options we have solutions based on the new processors AMD Ryzen and Epyc with 12 and 24 cores respectively, which solutions based on Intel Dual Xeon, on DELL Hardware Enterprise certificate.

On configurations with HDDs where ample space is needed, we offer cuts from 2 TB to 10 TB.

On configurations with SSD disks where performance and low reading latency are required, the cuts are from 512 GB up to 1TB depending on the configuration.

Among the high-end options, we have available if nVME PCI Express disks are required for maximum performance.

The outgoing bandwidth is always 1 Gbit / s as a minimum, expandable up to 10Gbit / s on a single server.

By evaluating the client's needs and budget, we can opt for more advanced or cheaper solutions, without ever saving on quality and results obtained.


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