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Launching an ecommerce store is really easy these days, thanks to a lot of content management systems (CMS) available. There is the ever popular Magento which is hands down the best web store builder app. However, it is not easy to develop. That's why in 2014 we saw the rise of simpler shopping platforms, like PrestaShop and WooCommerce. These apps have made it easy for new web store owners to host e-commerce sites containing hundreds or thousands of products.

According to a 2012 study titled Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance, 44% of online shoppers start using a search engine. This means that nearly half of the web traffic comes from search. So how are you going to do well on a search engine? Having a fast website that is optimized for good performance. Speed ​​matters when it comes to online business ventures. It is one of the biggest factors in the user experience. Amazon calculated that it lost $ 1,6 billion in page load time and increased by one second. This is no small change.

Like many ecommerce platforms, WooCommerce also requires huge hosting resources, especially when your web store has a large inventory of products. Therefore, it has an entire community committed to improving themselves by perfecting plugins, themes, and even servers to optimize performance.

When you decide to create an ecommerce store with WooCommerce, it is important to have a fast, scalable and reliable host with the latest technologies such as Varnish, PHP 7, Memcached, REDIS and Nginx.

Other than that, WooCommerce themes and configurations are generally complex, with dynamic and static elements all mixed up on a single page, making it difficult to set up advanced caching systems. This is why having a caching mechanism, such as Varnish, is vital for fast performance.

It's not quite as easy as it sounds.

There are some limitations as many are not yet able to use advanced caching systems such as Varnish. If you google "WooCommerce Varnish" you will come up with many discussions and discussions on how to make WooCommerce and Varnish compatible. Some may have the answer, but the setup is so confusing that it frustrates WooCommerce store owners who aren't tech-savvy.

At Managedserver.it, we are always looking for ways to improve the performance of ours WooCommerce hosting managed and work on suggestions provided to us by our customers, developers, agencies and the community. Keeping pace with our long-standing practice, we have come up with a suitable solution that leverages and enhances compatibility with WooCommerce + Varnish.

In the graph below you can see what happens to a website without Varnish.

It is important to realize that as the number of users online with Varnish increases, the response time increases significantly, degrading the user experience and fast navigation.

In this graph instead you can see how a WooCommerce site behaves when Varnish is present.

In this graph it is easy to see how, as the number of online users increases, the response and loading times of the pages remain almost identical to the optimal value. This will allow us to have thousands of users who browse the site without complaining about any down.

As a simple solution to meet the needs of WooCommerce users, ManagedServer.it has integrated a well-proven WooCommerce installation procedure. Now you can start WooCommerce on shared hosting, cloud server or Dedicated Servers based on SSD and nVME optimized with Nginx, Varnish, Apache, ngx_pagespeed, PHP-FPM, Memcached and REDIS.IO which simply outperforms other hosting solutions available.

Why choose us as a WooCommerce Hosting?

For the first time, ManagedServer.it has introduced a platform through which Varnish compatible WooCommerce stores can be launched. ManagedServer.it is truly remarkable, as it allows non-experts to take advantage of performance and reliability using optimization technology.

An optimized and fast ecommerce store offers the best user experience for your customers. They won't be frustrated with the slow speed of your website. Even search engines like Google give high priority to websites in SERPs which have impressive loading speed. Plus, slow websites get terrible word of mouth. I leave you with this thought: 79% of visitors do not buy from a poorly performing website and, According to a 2012 study by American Express, an unhappy customer will report a poor experience with 24 people. And this is the average!

So, if you want to focus on your business and growth and don't want to invest time in server optimization, then ManagedServer.it is definitely the best choice for you.

Enough chatter, let's move on to the facts!

If until now we have gone too far in talking about technical virtuosities such as Caching, Varnish, WebServer, PHP in Fast Process Manager, Web acceleration technologies, Nginx which is better than Apache and how good we are at flying and optimize WooCommerce sites, I believe the time has come to show you what we can do when we decide to optimize the performance of a WooCommerce site.

Here are some demonstration videos of real cases for our clients:

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